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The engines are offered as kits or complete dyno tested engines.  They are priced and built to customer specification which defines the scope of supply, tune level and mating requirements for the gearbox.  Below is approximate pricing for the kit and complete engines.  Contact us with specifications for a quotation.


  • Kit price is $18,000
  • Complete dyno tested engine is $28,000



  • Kit price is $29,000
  • Complete dyno tested engine is $45,000


The "Kit" comes as an assembled partial engine excluding Suzuki parts and those parts that can be readily purchased directly by the customer.  Included in the kit is:

  • Crankcase, sump, front and rear covers and crankshaft pre-assembled with related hardware and bearings
  • Flywheel and starter
  • Race alternator
  • Manifold mounted 5 stage dry sump oil pump with air/oil separator and water pump
  • Custom drive components for camshafts, oil pump and alternator
  • Carrillo rods
  • All custom parts required for the engine build
  • Documentation to aid the complete assembly of the engine.  (Assembly should be done by an experienced engine builder and preferably by someone experienced with high performance motorcycle engines.)
  • Boxed and skid as required for shipping domestically or export


Estimated pricing is listed.  A firm price is provided by quotation.