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A short squirt in an empty industrial park on the weekend and I quickly got to 85 mph.  I short shifted 1st due to excess wheel spin.  They were also spinning in second when I reached 7500 rpm, but I was able to control it with the throttle.  This is with soft compound drag radials.  A trip to strip is planned in the near future.

Some have commented that the engine would have little torque at low rpm and believe that a 10,000 rpm red-lined engine would be high strung and difficult to drive on the street.  Actually the engine is very well behaved at low speed and there is plenty of torque and power below 5000 rpm.  This video shows the low speed characteristics of the engine during a drive thru the neighborhood.  Note that the rear wheels easily broke loose below 5000 rpm in 2nd gear- this time with performance street tires.  For reference, 2nd gear tops out at 92 mph and max. torque is at 7500 rpm.

YouTube version.  Less resolution, but it uploads faster and more reliable.



H1V8 start up and rev. You can clearly hear the flatplane odd fire cadence.