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BOLT 4 Specifications
BOLT 4 Specifications

The BOLT4 is for those that want the high power and light weight advantage of advanced motorcycle engine technology for their automotive applications.  The BOLT4's robust features including a large journal billet crankshaft and 7075-T6 aluminum case make it well suited for turbo applications.


  • Inline 4 cylinder engine
  • 81mm (to 84)  bore x 57mm (to 70mm) stroke
  • 1175cc to 1400cc in turbo form
  • 1500cc for NA  (84mm bore)
  • Twin cam, 16 valve head
  • Billet steel crankshaft
  • 4340 billet H beam rods
  • 7075 T6 billet crankcase
  • Dry sump oil system with filter, air/oil separator and water pump
  • 10,800 max. rpm
  • 300 to 400+ horsepower (in turbo form)
  • 160 pounds

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 The engine right side incorporates the alternator, starter, oil pump, air oil separator, oil filter and water pump.  This leaves the left side clear for the hot parts- headers, turbo and exhaust. 

Integrated in the oil pump are; one pressure section with relief and filter mount, 3 scavenging sections, an air-oil separator and a water pump.  The pump is manifold mounted on the sump to minimize connections.  The oil pump is made by Dailey Engineering.