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The H1V8 was featured in KIT CAR (UK) magazine December, 2007 issue, Pages 44 and 45.


The H1V8 was featured in AUTOMOTIVE DESIGN and PRODUCTION magazine October, 2007 issue, Page 18. 

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"Hartley has applied for a number of patents for the V8, including one that allows using identical heads- one reversed......You save on inventory (with identical heads)....The design uses the offset required for the second rod to move the reversed head forward toward the cam drive... saving 40mm....more in a larger engine.  It's one of many ways Hartley thinks mainstream automotive engine designers could reduce the box volume of their designs."

Please contact me for further information on the design details and license opportunities./ John Hartley

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The French Journal, Moto Journal, published the following article in January 2007:

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