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The first engine, designated 001, was finished a few months later- early 2004. It was designed to go in a Caterham 7 so the 7 was put on stands and used as a stationary test bed for the engine.

A 2.0 liter Ford Zetec engine came out of the Caterham.  Shown here is the H1 beside the Zetec.  Note the lower center of gravity of the V8.

The 001 engine easily fit in the tight engine bay of the Caterham.  A few modifications were needed, most notably was the moving of the steering linkage.  This is covered on the "7 install" page.

Once the engine was installed in the engine bay, the DTA controller had to be wired in addition to plumbing for the water and the dry sump oil system. 

These are hand spun velocity stacks.  Later a billet stack was designed as shown below.  They fit any Hayabusa motorcycle and have a custom rubber seal to mate with the air box.  Many of these have been sold and the design was expanded to 3 different lengths to address all tuning options. They can be purchased from Schnitz Racing.  Goto secure.mycart.net/catalogs/catalog.asp for more information on these stacks.

Running the 001 prototype late summer 2004. This was after many hours of stationary running. The largest surprise was the huge torque at low speed.   Testing proved that development was not complete.


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