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(Note- the H2 is no longer offered.  See the H3 for similar applications)

The H2 is designed to provide a rugged durable platform for those that desire to put a Hayabusa engine in a car type application.  It has a billet case and sump, flywheel for mounting a clutch and rear drive take off, 60 amp alternator, 4 stage dry sump and starter.  Rear adapter plates are planned for popular gearboxes.  The engine is estimated to have a fully dressed weight of 140lbs and can produce 175 to 250 hp NA; and much more in turbo form. 

The H2 BUSA engine is offered as a kit or complete engine.  The base kit utilizes the Hayabusa crankshaft by using a special adapter for mounting the flywheel.  A Stoker kit is offered with bespoke 72mm stroke crankshaft, with larger bearing journals, H beam billet rods and related pieces to allow building a 1.6 liter engine.







The engine lower part of the case is machined from 6061-T6 solid aluminum.  The primary design objectives were compact size, stiff and robust and optimize packaging for 4 wheel applications. 






Dyno testing proved durability and power.  The engine tested is over-bored to 84mm (1.4 liter) but otherwise uses completely stock Hayabusa heads and cams.  On this run it produced 195hp with a very flat torque curve, but more is available with modifications.

The engine is very smooth.  The bit of vibration seen at the end of the video was due to the the engine hitting the 11,000 rpm rev. limit.