Q: Can I buy a H1 or H2 engine?
A: Probably not now unless you are an existing customer.
As of March 2012, the H1 and H2 engine technology has been sold. The new owner will further develop the technology for race applications and plans to offer it to other markets in 2013. Hartley Enterprises retains the rights to build these engines in limited numbers for select existing customers and special projects in the US.  All projects are taken for 2013.
For many applications, the new H3 4 cylinder engine and the BOLT V8 can replace them. replacing the H1 and H2 are 2 new engines, the H3 and the new Bolt V8.  See the specific web pages for more details on these new engines.
Q: What do these engines cost? 
A: The engines are built to spec so the price varies considerably.  The H3 price is about $17k for the kit, a complete tested engine is $28k or more depending on spec. and scope.  The BOLT V8 will cost about the same as the H1 engine which is about $42k depending on scope.
Q:  Why do the engines cost so much?
A:  The parts are expensive.  Everything except for the heads are custom parts cnc machined from high strength alloys of steel or aluminum.  Those that participate in serious form of racing find the pricing competitive in some cases or justified in applications.
Q:  Do you have a kit so I can install this engine in my (Miata, Geo, S2000, Focus..... )?
A:  We do not have kits for production cars.  We can provide bell housing and adapter plates to fit most gearboxes.  In most cases, the cost of the engine and installation and the fact that many ancillaries like AC cannot be connected to the engine often makes such a project unreasonable.  In all cases, the best application for these engines are cars (usually race cars but not always) that are very light weight, usually 1800 pounds or less.  These applications can best benefit from the unmatched high power density (hp/lb or hp/displacement) these engines offer.
Q: Who are the new owners and how do I contact them?
A: I will post their contact information when they are ready to handle requests.
Q: What will Hartley Enterprises be doing going forward?
A: We will continue to develop engine technology for the recreational market (off road).  When new products are available, they will be announced on this website.
We have a strong interest and belief new electric car technology can benefit by the integration of a high efficiency IC (Internal Combustion) engine. If an IC engine can run at over 50% thermal efficiency, it will be more efficient than a pure electric car with batteries being charged on the grid.  An IC engine can achieve this efficiency level if designed to run at or near wide open throttle as is possible in an automotive plug-in arrangement.  To date, the engines used for this application are large, heavy and do not achieve the efficiency level that is possible.  We believe at significant improvements can be made in power density, packaging and, most importantly, efficiency.
Q: Where are you located?
A: We are just outside of Milwaukee, WI USA