There are two versions of the BOLT V8.  The original plan was for a 2.0L utilizing the Kawasaki ZX10 heads and producing 400hp from 2 liters at 13,000 rpm- 14,000 rpm redline.  

But instead requests for a larger turbo engine has led to the development of a 2.8 liter engine ultilizing the same design concepts of the 2.0 engine but with larger heads and bores.  It is designed to be turbo charged to 600+ hp.  A 450 hp NA 3.0 liter version will also be available.

JULY 2014- The design on the 2.8 BOLT V8 is complete and the parts are being sourced.  The first engine will be running late this year.   See the 2.0 BOLT V8 Spec. or 2.8 BOLT V8 Spec. page for more details.  Let us know if you have a possible application.


Comparison of the 2.8 and 2.0L BOLT V8 is shown below:

The BOLT 4 is a 1175cc, 16 valve L4 engine.  It is very light and compact and can better many V8 engines in turbo form.  The engine is ideally suited for track cars and other lightweight race or recreational vehicles.  Other displacements are possible. See H3 Engine Specs. page for details.










 Hartley Enterprises is focusing on the following projects:

  • 1175cc 4 cylinder turbo- 350+ hp @10,000 rpm; (BOLT 4)  
  • 2.8 liter V8 turbo- 600+ hp @10,000 rpm; (BOLT V8)
  • 2 liter V8- 400 hp @13,000 rpm  (to follow the 2.8 version)
  • 900cc 3 cylinder high efficiency engine The target market is power generation for plug-in automobiles.  Design goal is 80 hp continuous and 50% thermal efficiency using improved adiabatic combustion and unique combustion pressure control.