NEW 2.0L BOLT V8  (March 2014)




The BOLT V8 is a extreme race engine that will produce 400hp from 2 liters at 13,000 rpm- 14,000 rpm redline.  Short of an F1 engine, we do not know of any other NA V8 that makes 200 hp per liter.  Weighing in at 175lbs, the power density and packaging is unmatched.

The design is nearing completion with testing is to begin late summer.  See the BOLT V8 Spec. page for more details.  Let us know if you have a possible application.
H3 4 cylinder engine
The H3 is a 1175cc, 16 valve L4 engine.  It is very light and compact and can better many V8 engines in turbo form.  The engine is ideally suited for track cars and other lightweight race or recreational vehicles.  Other displacements are possible. See H3 Engine Specs. page for details.

The first engine is being custom configured for Henry Nicklace at Chiron Cars. Jack Frost at Holeshot racing will build the turbo engine for Chiron. 

March 2014, The engine was assembled and dyno tested last year, but too late to make the race season.  The first two engines have been shipped and scheduled to be ready for this race season.  News to follow.....




UPDATE:  As of March 2012, the H1 and H2 engine technology has been sold.  The new owner will further develop the technology for race applications. 

Hartley Enterprises retains the rights to build these engines in limited numbers for select existing customers and special projects in the US.  All projects are taken for 2013 and no new H1 or H2 projects can be accepted at this time.


Hartley Enterprises is focusing on the following projects:

  • 1175cc 4 cylinder turbo charged engine for race applications.  
  • 2 liter V8- 400 hp @13,000 rpm  
  • 900cc 3 cylinder high efficiency engine The target market is power generation for plug-in automobiles.  Design goal is 80 hp continuous and 50% thermal efficiency using improved adiabatic combustion and unique combustion pressure control.