3.0 BOLT V8
3.0 BOLT V8 specifications:


STATUS 2/2016: The 3.0 BOLT V8 prototype is near complete.  Testing to follow soon by a lead US race team who has an option to purchase the technology.  Their plans are to use the engine for their racing efforts, but also to make the engine available to interested parties. Updates to follow!

The new 2.8/3.0 BOLTV8 was designed for turbo application, knowing that the added strength will also be valued in naturally asperated applications such as endurance racing.  The engine is a billet based engine with a robust bottom end, stiff billet crankshaft, and improved cooling to support the BMEP and heat load of turbo applications.  The case is made stiffer by making it one piece with the cylinders and machining it from billet aluminum.  The caps are integral to the bedplate, and a manifold cover removes the oil from the individual compartments of the dry sump system.